"Eastern County" the project is created with a vision to surround you with opulence and overwhelm you with beauty so close to nature and relish every intricate deatial. Eastern county is a perfect example of an ideal sustainable design.
"Eastern County" is located Behind C21 Mall, NH-12, Misrod, Muncipal Corp. Bhopal - 462047.
"Eastern County" is situited at a very prime location on at Behind C21 Mall, NH-12, Misrod, Muncipal Corp. Bhopal - 462047.
After boking the appartment you will be required to pay the 20% amount of the sale valve within 15 days. After that we will be making an allotment letter for the respective flat in your favour.
After paying 20% amount of the sale value there are three ways you can opt for paying the rest of the amount.
A) Down payment with a month form the date you booked.
B) Paying construction wise by self.
C) Paying construction wise through a bank.
On payment of 20% amount of the sale value you get a confirmation letter from us.
YES. Please check with the “Eastern County” marketing team for the details. The prices also varries in down payment plan and construction linked plan. You get cheaper rate in cash down payment as compared to construction linked plan.
Installments are to be paid as the construction progreses. Installment schedule must be decided at the time of booking as there are different ways of making payments. The schedule of payment is the mentioned on the price list. Yes the installment payments are on a time bound basis. If the insatllmets are to be paid by the pdc cheque given at the time of booking the dishonoured cheque will make the booking cancel.
YES, prices are subject to change from time to time, but once you have booked a property with us you will not be affected with the price hike.
Why would you want to miss out om such an unprecented product offering? However, if you do wish to cancel your booking fill a cancelation form available in the office and submit it. The booking can be only cancelled by the coustomer itself. After receiving the cancelation request you will be called and 10% amount of the sale value will be forfeited as cancellation fee and the balance will be returned by pdc cheque (15 days) without interest.
"Eastern County" is already completed, it’s ready to move in.
The specification and designs have been carefully worked out. Considering the number of duplex and delivery date, customization willl not be possible in the collective interest of the purchaser.
We can provide one car parking space for every Duplex which will be casting extra to you. Additional car parking requests will be entertain towards project completion.
Of course you are dealing with “Eastern County”. The land is self owned, freehold, marketable, and free from all encumbrances. Eastern County is being developed by the land owner or rather say we navaakar real estates developed housing project on self owned land rather than making joint ventures. The housing project which are being developed on self owned land or the land belong to the builder are free from any disputes which takes place in joint venture housing project between land owner and the developers. So the buyers get much more assurity from us.
The development plan of Eastern County shave been santioned by tncp, sdm, gram panchayat simrai.
For buying a home in “Eastern County” folloming agreement has to be signed:
A) Booking application.
B) Sale cum construction agreement.
C) Sale deed.
Registration will be done only on completion of the development and on payment of entire sale consideration along with additional amounts if any. Registration will be facilated by us through an advocate appointed "Eastern County".
Property transfer will be accepted with terms and condtions mentioned below:
A) First party has signed the agreement then only it’s transferable.
B) First party has paid the 20% of the sale value and given pdc cheque for remaining balance.
C) First party must have paid three installment as per the payment schedule.
D) If the first party has availed the home loan then they have to retrieve and hand over to “Eastern County” the entire letter and documents issued by “Eastern County” to the bank / housing finance institutions.
E) Transfer fee as applicable will be required to be paid.
Additional amount to be paid are as mentioned below:
A) Bescom & bwssb charges.
B) Vat tax.
C) Service tax.
D) Registration charges.
E) Maintenance security deposit.
F) Any other charges as applicable.
YES, “Eastern County” has been approved by all the leading bank. The financial institutions will extend loans to customers based on their specified criteria.
It is your responsibility to ensure timely disbursement of installments from bank / financial institutions. We will issue a demand letter for the same to the respective bank / financial institutions. To facilate smooth payments customers are required to issue a consent letter. Post dated cheques handed over for the installments at the time of booking they will be returned back with each installment paid by the bank.
"Eastern County" maintenance wil be done by "Eastern County" property management & services. Now you can rest assured that "Eastern County" will be cared for by professionals.
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“Eastern County” the project is created with a vision to surround you with opulence and overwhelm you with beauty so close to nature and relish every intricate deatial. Succumb to the greenery around you and savour every breath.


Eastern County, Behind C21 Mall, NH-12, Misrod, Muncipal Corp. Bhopal - 462047

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